“New River Community Action’s mission is to promote and support the well-being and self-reliance of individuals, families and communities.”

New River Community Action, Inc. strives to accomplish its mission by:
  • Focusing on the needs of people through interactive, participatory processes
  • Increasing community awareness regarding poverty issues
  • Advocating for the needs of participants
  • Striving for social justice
  • Providing and promoting leadership
  • Fostering a proactive approach
  • Continuously developing, evaluating and improving programs using an outcome measures approach
  • Respecting all people and their contributions
  • Recognizing individual and group achievements
  • Creating a caring environment that encourages openness, trust and compassion
  • Valuing independence, interdependence and self-reliance
  • Encouraging personal integrity, effectiveness and performance
  • Providing equal opportunities for individuals to achieve their full potential
  • Encouraging innovation, creativity, risk taking and teamwork
  • Fostering cooperative and collaborative relationships
  • Maintaining organizational integrity and effectiveness
  • Promoting responsible stewardship of resources
  • Committing resources to organizational growth and development
Warm Hearth Village receives grant to develop foster grandparent program with Head Start children