Homeless and Housing Programs offers five counseling services. Counseling can be face to face, over the phone, or through the internet. Counseling sessions include completing a written spending plan, determining household goals, making referrals, and follow up on goal progression.

Rental. Rental counseling can include fair housing complaints, issues with landlords and tenancy, housing search assistance, budget assistance, and other issues.

Homeless. Homeless counseling can include housing search assistance, budget assistance, and mediation with landlords and neighbors.

Pre-purchase. Pre-purchase counseling includes setting up a written spending plan, discussing credit issues, advising of the loan transaction process, reviewing of loan documents to prevent predatory lending, types of loans (VA, FHA, convention, etc.), and the importance of a home inspection.

Post-purchase. NRCA provides counseling services to those who have already purchased a home and are in need of counseling to maintain their home through financial management, or seeking energy efficiency options for their home. Referrals are made to local energy efficiency initiatives.

Foreclosure Prevention. Individual foreclosure prevention counseling includes reviewing loan documents and correspondences, setting up a written spending plan, and contacting the client’s mortgage servicer to determine options for the homeowner.

Certified Housing Counselors will listen to your situation—whether you’re buying or renting. We can talk to your landlord or mortgage company and help you find local resources to meet your need.